I have known Nancy Vinella for the past three years as a part of the Pakanasink Elementary PTA. In those three years, I had an opportunity to get to see Vinella in action as a mother, PTA treasurer and community member. Her involvement in Girl Scouts, PTA and the performing arts are just a few outlets where Vinella shines. She personifies the spirit of community.

What I admire most about Vinella is pursuit of social capitalism. Social capitalism refers to feelings of mutualism, common identity and community. Vinella believes that Pine Bush School District has the opportunity to serve not only students, but their families, neighborhoods and communities. Vinella understands that PBCD has the potential to move from a district of schools to one amazing school district where all families can thrive. Vinella is a leader who encompasses vision, community and emotional intelligence that will make the district a place worth staying. I believe Nancy Vinella would be a great addition to the Pine Bush School District Board of Education.

Jillian Crawford