Beware there is a frenzy in the Town of Montgomery! Due to robust internet sales and closing stores, the new frontier has become warehousing and trucking. Our area is now considered prime real estate and this wild rush has brought billion-dollar companies, opportunists and barracudas to town. The "quality of life" concerns of residents are diminished with the conflicted Town of Montgomery Board, an old 1988 comprehensive plan and a long line of proposed warehouse projects thrust on a swamped planning board.

We are at a tipping point and sliding towards becoming like an industrial Newark. Right next to Montgomery, Medline preemptively purchased 109 acres ($17.5 million) before traffic and environmental impacts were studied let alone approved. Medline also boldly asked for charity in the form of IDA abatements/incentives for yet a second time in Orange County. You will see Medline unfold a carefully scripted PR campaign that minimizes the negative impacts to our community and emphasizes their "medical" products even referring to themselves as "crisis responders."

Expect to see their current employees fill the June 24 meeting as they did in Hamptonburgh plus don't be surprised if their attorneys sue the town if obstacles arise in the approval process for their 1.3-million-square-foot warehouse. Residents please show up!

Nina Snyder