Shame on the Times Herald-Record for running a blatantly false letter against Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. It wouldn’t be the first time the paper falsely targeted Republicans but this time it is so bad I can no longer be silent. State Assemblyman Schmitt goes above and beyond to do his job including studying issues related to immigration in depth. These issues directly impact statewide policy and legislation. Issues the Record has traditionally focused on with considerable editorials.

Schmitt has no involvement with federal West Point funding. Zero. That responsibility falls on our Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney. Being that West Point is a federal installation and is funded by federal dollars its Maloney's job. While Maloney is asleep at the wheel and not protecting West Point funding why do you not call him out? When is the last time anyone has seen or heard from Maloney? He has a responsibility to serve Orange County. Protect our federal funding and installation. Maloney failed. Assemblyman Schmitt is going above and beyond in his job like we have never seen someone in his position do. This paper should run the truth. Maloney: do your job or we will get someone else to do it for you.

Jason Brozdowski