Eskil Danielson's letter, "Fourth Estate needs to be responsible" (Tuesday, February 18) is spot on target.

The once-respected "Fourth Estate" intended to guard the truth with unbiased honest news has too often become a "Fifth Column" disseminating misinformation (fake news) that is simply propaganda intended to achieve a partisan objective.

There is hope for the future because inevitably, evil exposes and destroys itself.

Consider how national news media reported the corrupt attempted coup known as "Crossfire Hurricane" that used agencies of the federal government in collusion with foreign agents to attempt to affect the outcome of a presidential election. Couple that with reporting of the unjustified Mueller special counsel operation whose failure was followed by an equally corrupt attempt to use a presidential call to the Ukraine as the basis for a partisan "impeachment" that, once again, exposed corrupt partisan Democrats abusing their political power.

The strongly biased reporting of such important national issues is facilitating the Democrat Party’s collapse as candidate after candidate rises in the polls, only to collapse under the weight of their own baggage.

Consider the irony of the world's 12th wealthiest man attempting to purchase the nomination of the Democrat Party, a party that once claimed to be the party of the common man. How dramatically things have changed. From "party of the common man" to "party of the highest bidder."

Democrat Party infighting spins out of control as radical progressives posing as “moderates” battle even more extreme radical socialists in a dogged race for party supremacy while a multi-billionaire sucks the financial air out of all the other candidates’ sails.

In the end, evil always consumes itself.

When complete, the cleansing of the Fourth Estate and the Democrat Party will lead to a stronger, more united nation.

It can't happen soon enough.

Bob Webster, Vero Beach, Fla.

Former longtime resident of Sparta and Andover townships