Population anomaly introduces selection bias in coronavirus statistics

According to the 2010 census, the median age in Kiryas Joel was 15, while (for example) in the Village of Monroe it was 36. Reporting Coronavirus statistics by town/village as a “rate per 1,000” – with Palm Tree having such a population anomaly introduces what is called "selection bias" in statistics. This is especially true in this case – where adults are affected much more than children. It would be as misleading as saying "Palm Tree has the safest drivers in the United States" – ignoring the fact that 60 percent of the population is too young to drive and another 20 percent cannot drive due to cultural values – yet including the entire population in the denominator of that calculation. That is not antisemitism. That is math. This is not a criticism of Palm Tree or its residents. This is more a criticism of the county-level officials who are choosing to produce what they know are biased data.

Allen Gross